New TNC Control and New Touch Probes

The iTNC 530—which was introduced at the EMO some ten years ago—is now widely used both in tool and die making as well as in series production. HEIDENHAIN has developed a new TNC to enable users to operating machines that, in addition to milling work, also offer turning operations.

The TNC 640 is the first milling machine control from HEIDENHAIN that offers an option for turning operations on milling machines. This now enables HEIDENHAIN controls to perform multi-operation machining. Just as with all other TNC controls, the user knows that he won't need to relearn. With the new TNC 640 he need only build on what he already knows. He enters all the programming steps for turning operation in plain language, just as he has for milling. The turning functions were built on existing know-how: Many cycles that propelled the HEIDENHAIN lathe controls to success are now available in the new TNC 640. In this way the user can rely on field-proven turning functions. Also new with the TNC 640 is the optimized user interface, which gives the user greater transparency during programming, presents functions better and displays status information more clearly. The TNC 640 also introduces a new control design. In future, the TNC as well as the MANUALplus and CNC PILOT lathe controls will be shipped in a modern stainless-steel design. HEIDENHAIN has prepared the keyboard surface and screen frame to suppress fingertip marks and make cleaning easy. The new 19-inch color flat panel display catches the eye, which is standard equipment on the TNC 640 and is optional on the iTNC 530.

The new TS 460 and TT 460 are the first touch probes that enable the user to transmit the trigger signal either over infrared or radio waves—without having to change the touch probe. This gives the users the benefits of a very wide transmission range (radio) and fast signal transmission (infrared).