METRO series

Length gauges for measuring stations and multi-gauging fixtures

  • High repeatability
  • Very high system accuracy of down to: ±0.2 µm
  • Ball-bearing-guided and zero-backlash plunger
  • Variant with reduced gauging force
  • Very long measuring ranges of up to 100 mm
  • Interfaces: 1 VPP, TTL, 11 µAPP
  • Protection rating of up to IP67

Long measuring ranges

The METRO series length gauges offer high accuracy over long measuring ranges: with the MT 101 length gauges, measuring ranges of up to 100 mm are attainable at a system accuracy of ±1 µm.

High repeatability

The optimal material mix, optomechanics, and ball-bearing-guided, zero-backlash plunger ensure very high repeatability. The result: very high measured value quality through very low measuring dispersion.

Low gauging forces

For particularly delicate workpieces, special variants of the MT 1281 with very low gauging forces of down to 0.01 N are available. Motorized length gauges, such as the MT 60M or the MT 101M, additionally ensure constant gauging forces over the entire measuring range.

Versatile plunger actuation

  • Manually operated with a cable release
  • Movement of length gauge relative to tested object
  • Movement of tested object relative to length gauge
  • Coupling to a moving machine part
  • Pneumatic, via compressed air connector on length gauge
  • Motorized, via an integrated motor and pushbutton controller
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