LIDA 400 series

Incremental linear encoders with high accuracy

  • For linear axes with high traversing speed
  • Measuring lengths of up to 30 m 
  • Limit switches
  • Selectable with scale or scale tape
  • Various mounting options
  • Resistant to contamination
  • Interfaces: 1 VPP, TTL

Long measuring lengths

The linear encoders of this series are available in various versions with measuring lengths of up to 30 m. These encoders deliver excellent dynamic behavior, high reliability, and consistently high accuracy across the entire measuring length.

Application versatility

This series can be used in a wide variety of applications. Its encoders are tough and accurate, enabling high speeds and long measuring lengths. Special versions can be used in safety-related applications or in ultrahigh-vacuum applications.

Reliable end-position detection

Limit switches enable safe and reliable end-position detection. These limit switches are operated with different adhesive magnets, enabling precise switching of the right or left limit switch.

Consistently high signal quality

The HSP 1.0 ASIC developed by HEIDENHAIN ensures consistently high scanning signal quality. The ASIC compensates for a drop in signal amplitude by increasing the LED current, thus maintaining the optimal signal shape under contamination. Noise is also kept uniformly low.

Signal-quality indicator

An integrated multi-colored LED in the scanning head delivers immediate information about the scanning signals and reference mark signal, permitting fast functionality checks and reliable assessment at any time without extra aids.

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LIDA 400 series: Incremental linear encoder with high accuracy

Product variants

Exposed linear encoders consist of a measuring standard and a scanning head. Please select these two components from the lists. For further advisory support, please contact our Sales department by phone or e-mail, or use our contact form.

Measuring standard