ROD 600

Incremental rotary encoders with integral bearing

  • Solid shaft for separate shaft coupling
  • Positioning accuracy of down to ±13"
  • Up to 5000 signal periods per revolution
  • Max. operating temperature: 85 °C
  • Protection rating: IP66
  • Interfaces: HTL and TTL
  • Housing diameter ≈ 66 mm

Precise positioning

Rotary encoders with a bearing and stator coupling ensure consistently high accuracy. Thanks to optimally matched components, system accuracies of down to ±13 arc seconds are attained.

Compensatory rotor coupling

A separate rotor coupling is used to couple the rotary encoder. This coupling compensates for axial movements, radial misalignment, and angular offset, thereby preventing loads on the rotary encoder's bearing and a reduction in service life.

Proven technology

The ROD 600 rotary encoders feature high reliability and perfected technology with a robust design. For decades, these encoders have proven themselves in great numbers within machine tools.

Connection flexibility

The cable can be connected either axially or radially. A special swivel mechanism in the encoder's housing allows the flange socket to be easily rotated in the desired direction. As a result, the cable outlet is always exactly where it should be.

Product variants

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