Technical support from HEIDENHAIN

The HEIDENHAIN Service department provides professional and tailored support for machine manufacturers and end users throughout a machine's life cycle. We offer services ranging from initial machine design to field servicing, optimization, and retrofit support. You benefit from five technical helpline areas working closely together to solve problems. The following image links to more information about the individual HEIDENHAIN service offerings. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support hotlines directly.

Machine manufacturersUsers Project
Prototyping Programming support Initial setup Optimization Training Programming support Field servicing
and fine-tuning
On-site support Repairs and

The right helpline for your HEIDENHAIN product

Each year, the HEIDENHAIN Helpline receives 5000 calls. We work with you to find solutions via phone, e-mail, Webex sessions, or remote servicing. With our extensive theoretical and practical expertise, we can also troubleshoot your machine on-site. Find the right HEIDENHAIN Helpline by selecting the product concerned, or send us a description of your problem through our service request form.

Service contact

Administration, Application & Technical Enquiries:
Sakda Khiaw-Am, Tomorn Sriboonruang 

Telephone / E-Mail

Tel:  +66 2747 23146-7, +66 2396 1840           
Fax: +66 2396 1879

Helpline hours

Monday - Friday
08:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (CET)
13:00 p.m. - 17:00 p.m. (CET)

Machine life cycle in detail

Optimization of machines with the help of NC programming

After your machine has been delivered, the HEIDENHAIN Service department supports you with the optimization of NC program run times, data collection, and cut-to-cut times. This also applies to products that have already been in the field for many years.

This optimization can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Production accuracy
  • Expansions to the kinematic model (angle heads, DCM collision monitoring)
  • Adaptation of the programming station

When you call, please have the device model and HEIDENHAIN ID number on hand.

NC Programming: programming support

The HEIDENHAIN Service department can advise you in the following areas:

When you call, please have the device model and HEIDENHAIN ID number on hand.

Initial setup support for the installation of encoders

The HEIDENHAIN Service department can support you with initial setup, including on-site. This particularly includes:

  • Installation of HEIDENHAIN and AMO encoders
  • Configuration of HEIDENHAIN and AMO encoders

This service is particularly prized when complex requirements are involved.

Field servicing for encoders
We are happy to help you with identifying and exchanging defective encoders.

Support for signal converters and digital readouts
We can answer your questions about digital readouts, evaluation electronics, interface electronics, and metrology products.

NC Support: field servicing
The HEIDENHAIN Service department is happy to support you in identifying and replacing defective electronic components and motors.


Support for HEIDENHAIN inspection and testing devices

We can support you in using testing, diagnostic, and inspection devices such as the PWM 21 and PWT 100, as well as mechanical inspection devices such as the PWW.

Machine calibration

Improve the accuracy of your machine. We're happy to calibrate your machine on-site. Motion errors are ascertained through various measurement procedures and inspection devices and then compensated for. This service can also be used for machines that have been in use for many years.

DAkkS calibration certificate or manufacturer's test certificate?

Do you require a description of the accuracy of your encoder? We would be glad to advise you about the DAkkS calibration and the manufacturer's test certificate.

When you call, please have the device model and HEIDENHAIN ID number on hand.

When servicing becomes necessary, speed is of the essence. The HEIDENHAIN Service department ensures that your repair orders are processed speedily and that you get the replacement parts and replacement devices you need.

Replacement parts
We keep numerous original replacement parts on stock in our Service department warehouse. Components are available for new devices as well as for products from the last 20 years.

Order a replacement part

Make use of the HEIDENHAIN repair service. Our qualified service technicians will quickly and reliably repair your defective devices. You'll receive a quote and an inspection report when the repair work is finished.

Repair a defective device

Replacement devices
We can get your machine up and running again with our exchange service. You can obtain a free replacement device from our HEIDENHAIN Service department exchange warehouse.

Order a replacement device     

International inquiries
For international inquiries, call +49 8669 31-3123 to contact our experts.

When you call, please have the device model and HEIDENHAIN ID number on hand.

Would you like to extend your warranty?

HEIDENHAIN offers practical training courses for users of milling and turning controls, as well as for machine manufacturers, machine distributors, automation technicians, and servicing staff. The wide-ranging training program includes physical attendance courses at the Traunreut and the Stuttgart metropolitan region training centers in Germany, as well as online training courses and local events. Our trainers will also visit you on-site for special training courses tailored to your individual needs.

A retrofit makes a proven machine ready for future challenges:

  • Combine the strengths of your old machine with the advantages of a modern control.
  • Enhance the capabilities of a manually operated machine via an intelligent digital readout.
  • Upgrade your machine with new encoders.

We're happy to answer all of your questions about retrofitting your machine.
Please contact our Sales department.

Contact person – Sales


+66 2747 2146-7

PLC programming support

Our PLC programmers can support you in the following areas:

  • User interfaces (HMI) for controls
  • Machine functions
  • Safety functions (functional safety (FS))
  • Interfaces
  • Bus systems
  • Camera systems
  • Tool and pallet management
  • Python and special applications

This support is based on PLC basic programs with over 1000 files and more than 30 000 lines of machine code. Any software created within the scope of a service is transferred to the developer for implementation and further use.

When you call, please have your device model and HEIDENHAIN ID number on hand.

PLC programming: initial setup support

The HEIDENHAIN Service department can support you on-site with the initial setup of a machine tool, particularly in the following areas:

  • Adaptation of the machine configuration
  • Initial setup and optimization of axes and spindles
  • Adaptation and testing of machine functions

This service is particularly prized when complex requirements are involved that are not covered by the basic programs.

NC support: initial setup

Our specialists of the NC support helpline will help you on-site with the initial setup of a machine tool. Our services cover the following areas:

  • Axis configuration
  • Dynamic Precision / Dynamic Efficiency
  • Initial setup and optimization of axes and spindles

NC programming: initial setup support

Our NC experts can support you with initial setup, including on-site. In particular, this includes:

  • Kinematics
  • Machine accuracy
  • Compensation
  • OEM cycles

This service is particularly prized when complex requirements are involved.

PLC Programming: project advisory support
Thanks to our many years of experience in numerous projects, we are happy to advise you on the feasibility of your PLC programming requirements. We will draw up possible solutions with you and accurately estimate costs.

Application support
The HEIDENHAIN Service department can help you set up and configure the following products: HEIDENHAIN DNC, OPC UA NC Server,  RemoTools SDK, the EIB 741, and the IK 220. Our application programming helpline staff is happy to answer your questions about operation.

Help with high-level languages
We are happy to support you with the integration of our libraries and in understanding the supplied examples. We can also help you on-site.

PLC programming: prototyping
We can create and test possible solutions, thus providing key information during the planning and implementation of R&D projects. For example, we can test the compatibility of bus devices for you (PROFINET, IO-Link).

PLC basic programs
This is where the PLC basic programs for milling, turning, and PNC are managed and continuously further developed.