RCN 6000 series

Absolute angle encoders with a large hollow shaft

  • System accuracy of ±2”
  • Integrated stator coupling
  • Hollow through shaft with ∅ 180 mm
  • Position values per revolution: 28 bits
  • Interfaces: EnDat 2.2, Fanuc Serial Interface αi, Mitsubishi high speed interface
  • Available with functional safety

Large hollow shaft

With a 180 mm diameter shaft, the angle encoders of the RCN 6000 series provide greater design flexibility for rotary axes, as well as the benefits of angle encoders with an integral bearing. Cables and hydraulic lines, for example, can simply be routed through the encoder.

High accuracy

The RCN 6000 series angle encoders feature a  high line count of 19,998 lines and excellent signal quality. Low motor current noise and smooth operating behavior are the benefits, especially in rotary axes powered by direct drive motors.


Product variants

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