CERTO series

Incremental length gauges for measuring stations and multipoint inspection equipment

  • Interferential scanning principle
  • Very high system accuracy of down to ±0.03 µm
  • Well-matched ball-bearing guide for very high quality
  • Defined thermal behavior 
  • Large measuring ranges of up to 60 mm
  • Interface: 11 µAPP

Defined thermal behavior

The CERTO series harnesses special materials with low thermal coefficients of expansion: the scale is made of Zerodur, while the plunger and holder are made of Invar. This ensures high measuring accuracy over a wide temperature range.

High accuracy

Thanks to intereferential scanning and linear-error compensation in the evaluation electronics, system accuracies of down to ±0.03 µm are possible. These length gauges are well suited to highly demanding measuring tasks, such as the inspection of individual high-precision parts or the calibration of reference standards. 

High-precision ball-bearing guide

The ball-bearing guide is specially matched to meet the high accuracy demands placed on the CERTO length gauges. The bearing and plunger are fitted so as to eliminate play during guidance, thus ensuring exceptional measurement accuracy.

Consistent gauging forces

The gauging forces of the motorized CT 2501 and CT 6001 length gauges can be adjusted in three levels on the controller and remain constant across the entire measuring range. 

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