EIB 700 and IK 220 series

Signal converters for computer-aided measurement

  • Ideal as evaluation unit for high encoder signal resolutions and rapid measurement
  • EIB 700: connection of multiple evaluation units with Ethernet transmission and, for example, wireless LAN transmission paths
  • EIB 700: connection of up to four HEIDENHAIN encoders
  • IK 220: PCI counter card
  • IK 220: connection of up to two HEIDENHAIN encoders

Rapid measurement

Temporary storage of measured values in the signal converter enables rapid measurement and flexible options for processing the measurement data.

Flexibly deployable

Benefit simultaneously from signal-error compensation, high data resolution, and the variable connectivity of incremental and absolute encoders. A wide variety of customer applications are possible thanks to measurement trigger options and built-in measurement storage.

Convenient implementation

Programming customer applications is easy thanks to the included driver software. Added sample programs and the EIB application software conveniently demonstrate the possibilities of the EIB 700.



High compatibility

The EIB 700 and IK 220 can be connected as desired to incremental encoders with 1 VPP or 11 µAPP input signals or to absolute encoders with EnDat 2.1, EnDat 2.2 (EIB 700), or SSI (IK 220). The signals can be selected in the device.

Product variants

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