At the SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nuremberg in 2012, HEIDENHAIN will present innovative solutions as motor feedback systems both for conventional motors and for direct drives. The focus this year will be on the introduction of new rotary encoders for synchronous motors.

With the EQI / ECI 1300 series, HEIDENHAIN is presenting sturdy new rotary encoders with inductive scanning for standard applications. These encoders make it possible to achieve SIL 3 (EN 61508) in application. These rotary encoders are characterized by improved control quality in the drive system (accuracy < 150“) and high resilience (vibration rating ≤ 300 m/s²).

For applications in motors with hollow shafts up to 50 mm, HEIDENHAIN is introducing for the first time ever the EBI 135 rotary encoder with battery-buffered revolution counter (16 bits). Together with its compact overall height of 19 mm, the encoder creates new capabilities in machines whose power lines are fed through the hollow shaft.

The following topics are also in focus in our booth in Hall 7:
-> High-resolution linear and angular measuring technology for demanding applications with high positioning accuracy
-> Diagnostics of encoders
-> HEIDENHAIN control technology for machine tools