HEIDENHAIN show places machine tool accuracy on center stage

The HEIDENHAIN show at the EMO stands under the motto “HEIDENHAIN shows the way to precision.” Besides offering numerous activities at or near the exhibition ground, visitors to the booth will gain information on the accuracy of machine tools and its effects on the parts produced. Demo units and presentations will help illustrate the differences between machining on machine tools equipped with linear encoders—bringing dramatically higher positioning precision and higher production efficiency—compared with machines that operate without them.

In addition, once again many new product innovations will be presented. For example, HEIDENHAIN will in future connect its control components using the purely digital real-time Ethernet bus HSCI. Encoders will be connected with the EnDat 2.2 fully digital interface. This makes the entire system noise proof, thoroughly diagnosable, and more available. HEIDENHAIN will show two new controls at the EMO featuring the HSCI and EnDat 2.2 interfaces—the new TNC 620, which was conceived for the mid-range processing power segment, and the well-known, field-proven iTNC 530 control to tackle the high-end applications. The MANUALplus 620, the new control for lathes, is designed for use on machine tools for more straightforward operations.

With its TS 740, HEIDENHAIN will present a high-accuracy infrared touch probe for very demanding 3-D measuring tasks on machine tools or measuring machines. The device operates with a piezo sensor and features repeatability of better than 0.3 µm. The new TS 444 is a battery-free infrared touch probe system.  

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